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This is just a small selection from our full wine list and also the wines we recommend.
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Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

Stoke Hall Champagne
101.  Stoke Hall Champagne  
A light and refreshing Champagne that works fantastically as an aperitif. Good fruit upfront is well supported by toast and honey flavours, the hallmark of France’s most famous Appellation. A fine mousse combines with a finish that is creamy and has good length. We have sourced this wine ourselves as we think it represents the perfect house style of Champagne, delivering an approachability that is perfect for the celebratory occasion and will also accompany entrées.  £30.00
104.  Bollinger, Special Cuveé  
A top Champagne House whose reputation is built upon wine with a big personality. One of the most full-bodied available, with an elegance and depth that makes it unique amongst its contemporaries. Celebrate in style or serve alongside flavoursome canapés, meaty fish or gutsy salads.  £45.00
7 Pinot Grigio
107.  Pinot Grigio Mirabello Rosé, Northern Italy  
Fresh, dry and crammed with summer fruits, a sparkling version of the classic Italian grape Pinot Grigio is given a pink twist. Beautiful when served with fish, especially salmon, this is also a wine for all occasions and works fantastically well on its own.  £23.00
White Wines
Stoke Hall Sauvignon Blanc
208.  Stoke Hall Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley Chile  
We have personally selected this wine because its wonderfully vibrant and punchy gooseberry fruit character make it a wine suited to all occasions. It has all the crisp, fresh flavour we’ve come to expect from Chilean Sauvignon Blancs with enough fruit to bring a pleasant balance to the palate. This is a versatile wine that is great on its own and also goes with a range of dishes.  £16.00
Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc
213.  Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc, South Africa  
Made by wine-makers that pride themselves on being both socially and environmentally responsible, this wine takes it name from the rare wild dog that is native to South Africa. South African wines are known for their punchy fruit character and this is no exception. There is a wealth of flavour here with citrus fruit initially that develops to display stone fruit with pineapple, melon and vanilla. This accompanies a nose that is almost sweet with a hint of tropical fruit and honey. The finish is generous with a slight off-dry feel to it, making for a great accompaniment to dishes of varying spice levels, as well as white meats and seafood.  £19.00
Chablis Domaines des Malandes
220.  Chablis Domaines des Malandes, Burgundy France  
Producing some of the finest Chardonnay in the world has always been the remit of this French appellation and this fine example of Chablis is no exception. Expressing aromas of crisp fruit, there is plenty of citrus and green apple flavour followed by a rich mineral finish. A pure expression of the Terroir of the region, this is best served alongside white meats or fish.  £24.00
Red Wines
Stoke Hall Merlot
324.  Stoke Hall Merlot, Chile  
Selected for its versatility, this is medium bodied and full of flavour. You really can taste the sunshine of the Central valley in the ripe plummy fruit and this develops further on the palate showing signs of cherry and red berry. This is all presented in a very accessible style that is great alone or with a range of different dishes.  £16.00
Fleurie Domaine de la Viroylette
332.  Fleurie Domaine de la Viroylette, France  
The village of Fleurie in the heart of Beaujolais has been making light yet complex wines since Roman times. This example is classically soft with strawberry fruit flavour and just the slightest hint of black pepper. Whilst the finish is persistent, it is also light, so serve this with canapés or salads, particularly those of Mediterranean influence.  £19.00
335.  Châteauneuf-du-Pape Telegramme Brunier, Rhône Valley France  
The most famous village in the Rhône Valley has built its reputation over the centuries by making full-bodied wines of great complexity. This is typical of that style and its inky black colour is indicative of the great fruit concentration. The finish is deep and spicy making this the perfect partner to full-flavoured red meat dishes.  £29.00
Our wine and drinks prices may vary due to currency, duty and VAT fluctuations and also changes in vintage. Should you require a particular vintage or wish the price to be fixed at the time of your booking, this can be done by purchasing your wines in advance and Weavers Wine Merchants will gladly store them for you free of charge.

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